Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning

Burris Cleaning Service is proud of our reputation as the premier Oriental and Area Rug Cleaner in the Greater Rochester Area.  We never charge for pick-up or delivery of your rugs, and again, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our services.

  • First, we measure the rugs to offer an accurate, to the penny price.
  • We then inspect for wear, abrasion or damage due to previous cleanings.  Unfortunately, we find these problems to be more common than you might think, and very often the client is not aware that damage has occurred.
  •  We do extensive testing to ensure that our cleaning will not cause any further damage, offering our clients great peace of mind.
  • We perform a colorfastness test on all oriental rugs that we bring in to clean.  This is done in one of two ways, and to be as thorough as possible, we often do both.  A clean, white cotton towel is dampened in the solution we intend to clean the rug with, and then wrapped around a block roll in the back of the rug.  The other method is to saturate cotton swabs in the solution for even better pinpoint accuracy.  These swabs are then placed over different areas of the rug, and we allow them  to dry for a full 24 hours.  After that,  we inspect them to be sure that the the colors will not fade or run.  If any of this occurs,  we will first try other solutions, but may have to use clear water only.  In the rare case that none of the previously mentioned methods will work,  we are experienced and trained to use other safe and effective options, including  low moisture encapsulation, no moisture, and dry compound cleaning.
  • We use a  high-powered vacuum that is nearly two times as powerful as most home vacuum cleaners, and then , another Burris Cleaning exclusive;  our DPE System (Dry Particulate Evacuation System). Using an apparatus that guarantees maximum dry soil removal, we dust these rugs and have actually removed several pounds of dry soil from a single rug.  At Burris Cleaning,  we feel that this is a necessary step in cleaning your rugs.  After all, what is easier to remove; dirt or mud?   This step alone may be all that is needed in some cases,  given the right conditions (light to moderate soil, and few if any stains).
  • Rugs are cleaned using the most gentle,  yet thorough means possible. More heavily soiled rugs  will be cleaned in our laminar pond, if they have passed our colorfastness testing.  Our “pond” is filled with crystal clear water, and we create a controlled “flow” from one end to the other, so it’s much like washing the rug in a flowing river, which is still done in the Middle East today. If the rug is not a candidate for this treatment,  it may be cleaned with our high-flow extractor achieving maximum soil removal.
  • We treat each stain or spot individually using whatever treatment is best for each particular type of stain. Please be aware that due to the usual absorbency of most natural fibers, although we will do everything within the guidelines of the industry to remove stains, we cannot guarantee that all stains will be removed.